Federalna ustawa o wspieraniu kształcenia (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz BAföG) zapewnia młodym ludziom wsparcie finansowe na naukę szkolną i studia. Istnieją dwa rodzaje BAföG: BAföG dla uczniów (Schüler-BAföG) i BAföG dla studentów (Studenten-BAföG).

Uczniowie i studenci mogą otrzymać dotację lub nieoprocentowaną pożyczkę.

Jeśli jesteś uczniem, to nieoprocentowanej pożyczki nie musisz spłacać.

Jeśli jesteś studentem, to musisz spłacić połowę (50 procent) nieoprocentowanej pożyczki.

Wysokość dotacji zależy od Twojej własnej sytuacji.

Na tej stronie znajdziesz wszystkie informacje o BAföG oraz link do złożenia wniosku online.

Note: As the legal regulations on BaföG are very complex, you should contact your local education support office in good time. 

Who is eligible?

You can receive BaföG if

  • you either 
    • have German citizenship or
    • have European citizenship with a permanent residence permit or
    • you or your children are of a different nationality and have a permanent residence permit
  • you are either 
    • are studying for a Bachelor's degree and have not yet reached the age of 30 or
    • you are studying for a Master's degree and have not yet reached the age of 35
  • It is either 
    • is your 1st eligible course of study or 
    • It is your 2nd eligible course of study that builds on your 1st course of study and is more advanced in terms of subject matter 
  • You do not have sufficient income or assets to cover your living expenses during your training or studies 

Depending on the type of training, further requirements may be necessary. 

You are not entitled to BAföG if you

  • Your parents or your partner earn a comparatively high income.
  • Have a high income or large assets (over EUR 8,200).
  • Do not attend school full-time.
  • Are older than 30 (exceptions are possible).
  • Attend a general school before the 10th grade and live at home.
  • The internship is not obligatory (compulsory internship) and is part of your eligible education according to BAföG.
  • As a foreigner, you do not have certain residence permits and/or the required waiting periods or proof of employment.
  • The following points for students apply in particular: You are older than 30 if you are studying for a Bachelor's degree or 35 if you are studying for a Master's degree (except in certain exceptional cases), you are not studying full-time, your income or assets are above the exempt amount.
  • If you drop out of your studies and change to another course of study, unless the change was for an important or unavoidable reason. 
  • Are a foreigner and do not meet certain criteria regarding your residence status and/or length of stay in Germany.

BAföG dla uczniów (Schüler-BAföG)

BAföG dla studentów (Studenten-BAföG)

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You can apply for BAföG directly online here.

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