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Debt counselling

Debt counselling. What you need to know.

Debt counselling is a way of helping people who are in financial difficulties and can’t see a way out on their own. Financial difficulties may involve existing debts, but could also be the threat of falling into debt – for instance if you are unable to keep up with payments due to unemployment, illness or divorce. Debt counselling gives you an opportunity to receive financial, psychosocial and legal advice.

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Debt counselling. Who is entitled?

Debt counselling is aimed at people who are in financial difficulties and are unable to find a way out on their own. You can ask debt counselling providers for advice as soon as the first signs of financial difficulties appear, like if you frequently dip into your overdraft, are only able to make necessary purchases on credit or often cannot pay bills. Debt counselling can also be of assistance if you are merely at risk of debt due to losing your job, getting divorced or falling ill, among other things.

The earlier you recognise and act on the potential problem, the better!

The facts about debt counselling

Good to know. Frequently asked questions about debt counselling.

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