The social benefits finder is currently being revised. The content will be updated as soon as possible.

How the social benefits finder works

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Step 1 - Your details

In order to be able to suggest suitable social benefits, we need some information about your circumstances. Please answer the 18 questions truthfully and as completely as possible. 

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Step 2 - Evaluation

You will receive a list of social benefits that may be suitable for you. 

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Step 3 - Directly to the service

By clicking on the benefit you require, you will receive all the important information and the option to submit the application directly online.

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Find social benefits online

Here you can search for suitable social benefits and submit applications directly online.

Important: The social benefit finder is for guidance only. It does not replace the application for a benefit and makes no binding statement as to whether you can actually receive it. Only your local office will decide on the application.