The key points in a nutshell.

Debt counseling is a form of assistance for people who find themselves in a financial emergency and can no longer get out of the situation on their own. These financial emergencies can be existing debts, but also impending debts, for example if installments can no longer be paid due to unemployment, illness or divorce. 

The debt advice centers offer affected people the opportunity to receive financial, psychosocial and legal advice. 

Who is eligible for debt counseling? 

People who have financial difficulties and can no longer get out of over-indebtedness on their own can make use of debt counseling. You can seek advice from a debt counseling service at the very first signs of financial difficulties. For example, if you often overdraw your account, urgent purchases can only be made in installments or you are frequently unable to pay bills. Debt counseling can also help you if you are at risk of over-indebtedness, for example due to a job loss, divorce or illness.

The facts about debt counselling

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