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Housing is a basic human need. Germany’s housing aid associations – which go by the name Wohnungslosenhilfe – are there to support you in an emergency, such as having to live on the street or at a homeless shelter. You can also turn to them for advice if you are afraid that you might become homeless soon. The housing aid associations offer assistance to help you overcome the situation.

On this page, you can find out more about the basics of obtaining housing aid.

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Help for homeless people

You can make use of emergency housing assistance if you have no home.

This is the case if you:

  • live without your own apartment (or residential property) secured by tenancy law and are not accommodated in public facilities,
  • are without any accommodation and are living "on the street",
  • live in temporary accommodation (e.g. shacks, caravans or gazebos),
  • are living in emergency accommodation or in housing allocated by local authorities
  • are temporarily staying with friends, acquaintances or relatives,
  • are living temporarily at their own expense in commercial temporary accommodation (hotel, guesthouse, etc.).

Help for people in a difficult housing situation

Even if you are not homeless, Wohnungsnotfallhilfe can be a good point of contact for your difficult housing situation (housing emergency).

This is the case if you:

  • are at immediate risk of homelessness because the loss of your current home is imminent,
  • live in unacceptable housing conditions,
  • were affected or threatened by homelessness in the past and are still dependent on support and prevention to prevent this from happening again,
  • live in separate accommodation as immigrants and are currently affected by homelessness.

The facts about housing aid

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