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Gambling addiction is a serious illness that has a profound impact on the lives of those affected and their loved ones. Constantly focusing on games of chance such as the lottery, slot machines or online gambling can quickly become an addiction and affect everyday life. It can also lead to debt.


A change in behavior, the loss or change of interests as well as a lack of money and frequent borrowing of money from family, acquaintances and friends can be the first signs of a gambling addiction. It is extremely important to watch out for these signs and seek professional help if necessary.


Gambling addiction counseling centers offer a safe place to talk about problems that arise or are exacerbated by the addiction. Here, those affected and their relatives can find support and information to help them find their way out of gambling addiction. The experts at these advice centers offer discreet, empathetic and professional help.


Those affected and worried relatives are equally welcome. Relatives can find further information in the specific section for relatives.


Important: Persons with whom you have contact in the course of counseling are subject to a legal duty of confidentiality. If you wish, counseling can be completely anonymous.


A counseling center finder is available for quick access to a counseling center.


Debt counseling may also be able to help with the financial consequences of addiction.

Who is eligible for addiction counseling?

There are signs that indicate the presence of a gambling addiction:

A person could be addicted to gambling if

  • she has less and less time,
  • money is always tight, although the income is actually sufficient,
  • there are often arguments about money,
  • the person in question lies and does not keep agreements and promises,
  • arguments quickly break out as soon as you talk about these problems.

Many sufferers also experience psychological and physical consequences - they suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

If you think that you or someone close to you is suffering from a gambling addiction, addiction counseling and, in special cases, debt counseling can help. Professional addiction counseling is confidential, offers addicted people solutions and accompanies the possible path out of addiction.

You can take a self-test of your own gambling behavior here (German).

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