What is the Social Platform?

Welcome to the beta version of the Social Platform.

This page provides information about the current status and development of the Social Platform. The beta version does not yet contain all the content and features that you will find here in the future. You can now apply from here for cost-of-living assistance and send your applications to the competent authorities in Troisdorf, Iserlohn, Bad Sassendorf and Soest. Your application will then be processed and you will receive an official notification.  

We offer comprehensive information on unemployment benefit II (ALG II) and housing benefit. Depending on your jurisdiction and place of residence, you will also find additional links to partner portals where you can submit applications online.  The beta version meets all data protection and security requirements. The Social Platform will gradually be supplemented by additional services and features, and will be connected to an increasing number of municipalities.   

The Social Platform. What’s behind it?

There are many social benefits and services available in Germany. The Social Platform is a website that gathers all the information in one place and helps users navigate the different options. Whether you’re looking for information, advice, or want to submit applications directly online, the Social Platform is compatible with modern digital life and makes it easier for you to get help.  

Legal basis 

The Online Access Act (OZG) requires the federal, state, and local governments to provide their administrative services to citizens in digital form as well as offline. The State of North Rhine-Westphalia is implementing this requirement with the Social Platform. The platform is developed according to the “One for All” principle (EfA). This means that in the future, other federal states can also use the platform and thus save time and money on their own digital developments. 

The Social Platform is an innovative and intuitive way for you to connect to local authorities and advice centers.

The Social Platform. Plans for the future.

The Social Platform is still in its infancy. It is constantly being developed and expanded. Online applications are available for more and more social benefits. These will gradually be added to the Social Platform. In the future, the Social Platform will be the central online point of contact for information and applications relating to many social benefits.

Currently, you can find out more about unemployment benefit II (“ALG II”), cost-of-living assistance (“HzL”) and housing benefit on the Social Platform, and apply online to some municipalities. 

The following expansions are planned for 2022: 

  • Information on more than 10 social benefits and the facility to apply for them online. These will include basic income support for old age and reduced earning capacity, and the payment of rent arrears; 

  • The inclusion of other local authorities; 

  • The addition of other services and advisory services. 

The Social Platform. Practical features.

Information: The platform provides clear information about selected social benefits.

Submit online applications: You can apply for some services online. 


These features will be available soon:

Advice center finder: Look for advice on addiction, debt and homelessness in your area. You can refine the search by entering your location and a keyword in the search screen. 

Benefit finder: Answer questions about your current life situation and see which social benefits you could be entitled to 

Booking appointments: You can easily book or cancel your advice appointment for selected social benefits online, whether that’s for a meeting in person or online.

Chat and video consultation: Get personal, direct advice via video on sensitive social topics such as debt counseling, or remain anonymous by using the chat function. 

Chat- und Videoberatung: Sie können sich direkt und persönlich per Video zu sensiblen Sozialleistungen, wie der Schuldnerberatung, beraten lassen, oder anonym per Chat schreiben.

The Social Platform. Structure and what’s available.

In the main navigation of the website, you will find the two navigation items Service areas and Submit an application. Information and services on other topics, as well as advisory services, will gradually be added as the Social Platform expands. 

Benefits according to life situation 

Find out which social benefits could be right for your personal situation by browsing the Service areas. One or more social benefits may be listed there. Each of these services has a page with information on the criteria you must meet and the framework conditions. This will give you an initial indication of whether you could be entitled to the benefit in question. You will also find other important topics on this page that may be of interest to you, as they relate to the described social benefit. 

Submit an application 

Via the navigation item Submit an application you can go directly to the online application for the benefit in question. You can also find important information on how the application is processed.  

The Social Platform. Overview of pages.

Any questions? We are here for you.

Our hotline agents can help you with technical problems or if you are unsure about anything: 

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