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Basic income support

Service area: Basic income support. Your options.

The state can help you if, for various reasons, you cannot earn a living from work. Various services and financial assistance options are available to support you in this situation.

Cost-of-living assistance (Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt)

Arbeitslosengeld I

If you are currently unable to work due to health reasons, you may be entitled to cost of living assistance. The prerequisite is that you are temporarily unable to earn your living yourself or with the help of other people, for example a partner or your family.

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Basic welfare for the elderly and people with reduced earnings capacity

Grundsicherung im Alter

You can receive financial support through the basic welfare in old age and in case of reduced earning capacity. This benefit helps you to finance your livelihood and covers the socio-cultural minimum subsistence level. It fulfils the same function as cost-of-living assistance, but it is aimed at the elderly after they have passed the age limit or at people who are permanently incapacitated after they have reached the age of 18.

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Education and participation

Bildung und Teilhabe

In Germany, children, teens and young adults are supposed to have equal opportunities. Education and participation in social and cultural activities are important factors in ensuring equal opportunity. For this reason, the state provides benefits to support education and participation. This is also known as the education and participation package.

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