Housing aid

Housing aid. What you need to know.

Housing is a basic human need. Germany’s housing aid associations – which go by the name Wohnungslosenhilfe – are there to support you in an emergency, such as having to live on the street or at a homeless shelter. You can also turn to them for advice if you are afraid that you might become homeless soon. The housing aid associations offer assistance to help you overcome the situation.

On this page, you can find out more about the basics of obtaining housing aid.

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Who can turn to a housing aid association?

You can contact a housing aid association if you are homeless or if you are at risk of becoming homeless.

This is the case if you:

  • do not live in a flat or house that you rent or own and do not live at a public shelter;
  • do not have any shelter and live on the street;
  • live in a makeshift shelter or housing not intended for permanent inhabitation (such as a shack, caravan or allotment);
  • live at an emergency shelter or in housing assigned to you by your local authorities;
  • are living temporarily with friends, acquaintances or relatives;
  • are living temporarily in commercially operated accommodations (such as a hotel or boarding house) at your own expense.

Even if you are not homeless, a housing aid association may be able to help you if you have difficulty obtaining or maintaining shelter.

This is the case if you:

  • face homelessness in the near future because you are about to lose your current flat or home;
  • live in unacceptable conditions;
  • have been unsheltered or have faced homelessness in the past and are still dependent on support and prevention programmes to prevent it from happening again;
  • live at a shelter for recent immigrants and currently face homelessness.

The facts about housing aid

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