Zwei Frauen lernen mit zwei Kindern

Simple language

The Social Platform. Functions and purpose explained in simple terms that can be understood by everyone.

Why “simple language”?

Simple language means:
Writing or speaking so that everyone can understand.

Simple language is particularly important to
people with learning difficulties.

Simple language is also important to other people.
For instance:
People who cannot read very well.
People who cannot speak German or English very well.

Nice to see you!

Welcome to the website!

The Social Platform is a website made by social authorities in Germany.
Authorities complete tasks for people.
Authorities are also known as offices or services.
Social services is one example of an authority.
The citizens’ services is another example.

You can complete these tasks on this website.

The Social Platform is for everyone in Germany.
The Social Platform can help in many different matters involving authorities.

The Social Platform can help you.
For example:

  • You want to submit an application.
  • You are looking for information.
  • You need a form.
  • You want to receive a benefit.

You can do this directly on our website.
You do not need to go to the authorities.
And you do not need to write any letters.
You can do this from your own home.
You only need a computer.
Or a smartphone.
And you do not need to print out many documents.
This is also good for the environment.

The Social Platform has another advantage:
The authorities process your application more quickly.
And you can receive your benefit faster.

How to use this website

Our website address is
The first page you see is the home page.

The menu

The menu is located on the home page above the main image.
The menu is always in this location
on all other pages too.
The menu contains links to other pages.

Do you need information on social benefits?
Or do you want to know which benefit you can receive?
Then click on benefits.
Now you will see a list of subjects.
All subjects are links to other pages.
For example to:

Unemployment benefit II
Social assistance
Disability benefit

Do you want to submit an application?
Then click on Submit an application.
Now you will see a list of other words.
Click on the word you want.
On the next page you can submit an application directly.
This is a step-by-step process.


You can find lots of information on the pages for each benefit.

And you can also find information on benefits in particular life situations.
In certain life situations people need help urgently.
And benefits.
There is a specific page for each benefit.
On this page you can see which benefit you can receive.
You can also apply for the benefit directly.
The application will be sent to the authorities.
You will then receive an answer from the authorities.


There is a search bar on the home page.
The search bar is in the top right.
Enter your search term into the search bar.
A search term is a topic that you are looking for.
Click on the magnifying glass.
Now you will see a list of results.
Select the right result.


At the top of the home page you will see the following text:
Accessibility statement
Click on the text.
You will now see further information on how to use our website.
This information can help you use the Social Platform more easily.